Treatment explained

The solution for an infection within a tooth is root canal treatment. The specialist dental name for root canal treatment is endodontics (from the Greek endo meaning ‘inner’ and odons ‘tooth’). The procedure involves removing the infected interior of the tooth and replacing it with an artificial material. In more than 95 per cent of cases the treated tooth is kept alive and healthy in the jaw.

For more information on root canal treatment, visit the website of the British Dental Health Foundation.

The treated tooth is kept alive and healthy in the jaw

X-ray photos - before and after treatment

How to stay healthy

  • Endodontic disease can be diagnosed by your dentist on an X-ray
  • Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) can eradicate endodontic disease
  • Root canal treatment can maintain the tooth indefinitely and ensure its survival
  • Root canal specialists (endodontists) use an operating microscope so that root canal treatment is more thorough and precise
  • Endodontic disease can erode the supporting bone
  • Regular check ups and X-rays by your general dentist will maintain a healthy mouth free from infection

Root Canal Treatment Step by Step

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